Distance as immanence (2018/12): Preface to my doctoral dissertation, a little teaser.  Illustrated with sardonic birds.



Where people lie and there are statues (2017/05): Sex, romance, coffee, and post-industrial spaces in Rīga.

Blue Chionodoxa (2017/04):  Spring in Oslo and Budapest, cemeteries, and things that are blue.

Library green (2017/03): Libraries, nostalgia, solitude, and a frosted winter’s walk in Oslo.



Your faith was strong but you needed proof (2016/12): Leonard Cohen and other musings in Gdańsk.

Thinking of you at the Lenin Shipyards (2016/11):  Chasing murals, Solidarity and the Lenin Shipyards in Gdańsk.

Did you know that life is beautiful? (2016/10): Street art stickers in Budapest by the satirical Two-Tailed Dog Party (Kétfarkú Kutya Párt) in Hungary.