I use social media — particularly Instagram and twitter — to share aspects of my visual urban research. Lately, I have been experimenting with twitter and have been tweeting visual threads or what I call #twitterwalks. These visual walks shared over social media are like  mini-essays; an informal and, I hope, engaging way of discussing urban issues through images and short text. All of the photographs taken during these #twitterwalks are taken with my mobile phone, demonstrating that the technological barrier can be low when doing visual research. No need for additional expensive gear. Just pick up your phone if you have one and go for walk.


Legal graffiti at Gamlebyen Skatepark (2019/02): A walk around one of Oslo’s legal graffiti walls.

Ut på tur (2019/02): A walk through Ekeberg Sculpture Park on a winter evening.

Aesthetics of gentrification (2019/01): A walk through Griffintown and Pointe St-Charles in Montréal, chatting about the aesthetic aspects of gentrification.